"Smash Mechanics is a band making progressive hip hop music using heavy electropop, rock and other influences to create a thumping and melodic mix. Front men Phaze Future and Delorian Tokes met while studying music in college, finding a common history in battles and open mics around the city and on the indie record scene. Steeped in New York esthetics ranging from high-minded art to heavy-handed hustlers, the two vocalist/producers began working together and with other eclectic beatmakers and instrumentalists, sharpening their restless vision into tracks that are as danceable as they are thought provoking. Smash performances echo that eclectic approach, with a live band utilizing 808 drum pads, bluesy guitar riffs, dubbed-out horn delays and slick synthesizers, bringing the show to a boil and keeping it there. The band is comprised of Cru Jonez on drums and sampler, ElcoDeck on bass, Luca on guitar, E.Beats on organ, piano and synths, Grancentral on horns and of course a few surprises are always in store. Working with producers and artists such as Dub.Z, Vynil Life, Static, Nite Club, Boomclique and others, the collective is a production powerhouse, delivering signature hiphop and pop sounds which dominate Smash Mechanics recordings and shows. Hear their debut album titled Canon Law, their recent Diamond Door EP, or check out Smash Mechanics on facebook, bandcamp and smashmechanics.com for music and much more…”

"Smash Mechanics spit sound fundamentalist rhymes over electronica-tinged, soul-sampled, live instrumentalized backdrops." - URB Magazine

"The buzz has been growing around this New York collective and it ain't hard to hear why." - Echoes Magazine UK

"Murderous as beat master Dub.Z laces a high powered joint feturing Das Efx and Cash Brown" - The Source